The Best New Vehicle On Sale Today | 2022 Ford Maverick

From Alex on Autos.

Americans love trucks, and Americans love crossovers, so why not mash them together and sprinkle a 42 MPG hybrid system on top? That was clearly Ford’s logic when designing the Maverick and unlike other combinations that sound good and turn our wrong, this combo is epic. The cabin is more than roomy enough for a family of four plus the occasional middle seat passenger while the bed will haul more than most full-size SUVs. Need to carry plywood? Don’t let the 4.5 foot bed deter you, the Maveric hauls like a champ with over 1500 pounds of payload and thoughtful tiedown locations for bulkier loads. Tying everything together is a standard hybrid system that gets you 42 MPG around town and 37 MPG combined. As I said: epic.

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