The CAKE You Can Have AND Ride? We Find out CAKE’s Secret Sauce

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The majority of electric motorcycles coming to market today are marketed to compete with gasoline motorcycles for the daily commute, perhaps even offering medium-range capabilities with on-board CCS rapid charging helping to make the occasional weekend leisure ride a possibility.

But those motorcycles tend to be both expensive and heavy – and quite intimidating for first-time riders.

Swedish motorcycle company Cake is different. It’s focused its range of two-wheelers on affordability, practicality and fun – and today we’re interviewing CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn about his desire to create two-wheelers that weren’t like other motorcycles.
Presenter: Winter Tashlin
Interviewing: Stefan Ytterborn, CEO, CAKE
Editing, Sound, Production: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
End Credits: Erin Carlie
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2022

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