The Hummer EV Is The Maddest Car Money Can Buy

From Fully Charged Show.

Jack takes a look at the very first Hummer EV to touch down on European shores to try to make sense of this bonkers EV. With over 1,000 horsepower and a battery more than triple the size of the one found in typical electric cars, is there any way of justifying this behemoth’s existence?

00:00 We know!
1:02 Hummer history lesson
1:57 How much???
3:08 The reason it exists
4:04 Some very silly numbers
6:52 Exterior walkaround
9:15 An offroad monster!
10:51 The NASA connection
11:14 The truck stuff
12:21 Never seen this before!
12:45 Interior review
17:18 Back seat Jack test…
19:15 Initial thoughts?

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