The S-Class Reimagined | 2022 Mercedes Benz EQS

From Alex on Autos.

Rather than simply making an EV variant of the S-Class, Mercedes took the opportunity with the EQS to reimagine what a flagship "sedan" could be. Aside from the battery and motors, the biggest thing Mercedes did was change form. Rather than an upright stately sedan, the EQS is a "cab forward" aerodynamic wing in profile with an extremely aerodynamic vibe. It also has a hatch. Yep, a hatch, not a trunk. Toss in the latest Mercedes gadgets, a bunch of ginormous screens, and all the latest luxury doo-dads in the lineup and you have quite simply one of the best EVs in the world. If you can afford one. The size and price tag of the EQS combined with the pillow-soft luxury mission make this a category of one. At least until BMW brings us their re-imagined 7-Series that is…

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