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Let’s get one thing straight. We really, really admire Tesla at No other brand has done as much to convert us to the joys of electric power. It builds two of the biggest selling electric cars in the world and has the midas touch when it comes to building efficient electric cars that everyone wants to buy.

But as with all relationships, our love for Tesla isn’t unconditional. Although some of the brand’s more fanatical owners will argue otherwise, there are elements to Tesla ownership that can grate, irritate and annoy. From creaky interiors, sky-high insurance rates and dodgy build quality, the list of compromises required to join the Tesla club is higher than ever.

So if you’re thinking about buying a Tesla, don’t tap in your credit card details until you’ve seen Ginny, Tom and Tomi (himself a Model 3 owner) reveal our pet hates about Tesla.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Build quality
01:34 Limited choice
02:42 Self Driving
03:51 Everything on screen
04:45 Insurance
05:57 Weight watcher
06:58 Superchargers
07:27 Interior design
08:09 They’re everywhere!
09:06 The fanatics
10:32 Outro