TNR Episode 5 – TSLA in OK, Elon Talks 600-Mile EV, Elon Says It’s Time To Drill For Oil

From Transport Evolved.

It’s time for another Tesla News Roundup Show – And this week, we’re giving you an update on Tesla’s fight against the Oklahoma legislature, Elon Musk says Tesla could have made a long-distance car but it wouldn’t have been good – and so much more.

Watch Winter’s video on Shanghai Rumors:
00:00 – Introduction
01:55 – Tesla not OK in OK
02:24 – Elon talks 600-mile Teslas (and why Tesla hasn’t made one)
05:44 – Updates for Model S, X owners with a large horn.
06:48 – Tesla Model 3 LFP runs flat + Tesla’s solution
08:04 – Supercharged Supercharger installation in Florida
09:43 – A MASSIVE Supercharger bill
10:38 – Unplugging CCS cars at Superchargers
11:35 – Musk says it’s time to drill
15:20 – Thanks, and Goodbye!
Presenter: Winter Tashlin
Script: Winter Tashlin
Kate Walton-Elliott
Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Cameras: Michael Horton
Sound: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Coloring: Winter Tashlin
Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Editor & Producer: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2022

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