Transport Evolved Electric Car News: IONIQ 6 EPA Range, Ford Price Cuts, Aptera Investor Perks

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Welcome to today’s Transport Evolved News Roundup Show!

Today, we’ve got a total of 43 stories to cover, including the official EPA ratings for the Hyundai IONIQ 6, Ford’s price cuts for the Mustang Mach E, and how your position in Aptera’s waiting list is dependent on your investment.

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:41 – Welcome!
00:46 Correction on last week’s news story about Akio Toyoda
01:12 – IONIQ 6 gets incredible range rating from EPA
02:05 – Ford Quarterlies show tough year overall, but growing EV sales
02:57 – Rivian lays off 6% of its workforce
03:43 – Aptera tells investors they’ll be able to compete for first production Aptera SEV
04:35 – First Hummer SUVs enter production as GM admits their battery size is a problem
05:27 – Ford joins the price war with Tesla
06:20 – Volkswagen says it won’t be getting in the EV price war
07:12 – New study reiterates the benefits of building smaller battery packs and more efficient electric vehicles
08:10 – Report says Volvo is readying to make all of its models fully-electric
09:12 – U.S. Government updates its temporary eligibility list for US Tax Credits for EVs
10:13 – Sponsored Segment: EnergySage
11:37 – Enphase announces a new bidirectional charger for Evs
11:56 – Vinfast delays the deliveries of its first EVs in the US
12:13 – First company in the U.S. to produce mixed hydroxide precipitate starts production
12:31 – Nissan unveils Max-Out for the first time in the real world
12:48 – Tesla Model S wins latest winter-range test in Norway
13:07 – Bollinger files patent infringement papers against former contractor, Munro
13:25 – Electrify America to increase the price of charging on its network
13:41 – Loomis orders 150 armored EVs from Xos
13:58 – Mexican official says Tesla factory will happen
14:14 – Tesla opens its Supercharger network in Australia
14:33 – StoreDot partners with a UK firm to account for where and how it sources raw materials
14:49 – Genesis says its X Concept will enter into production as a halo model for the brand
15:05 – EA teams up with Travel Centers to deploy 1,000 EA charging stations at 200 locations
15:21 – Audi hints it’s considering an all-electric luxury 4×4
15:39 – Volkswagen commits to funding 25,000 new charging stations globally this year
15:53 – GM says its Ultium battery design could accommodate different cell types all along
16:11 – Ford says its next generation EV pickup is deep in development
16:26 – Toyota rolls out its in-house science team to argue why it shouldn’t just make EVs
16:44 – Arrival lays off 1/2 of its workforce
17:00 – GM invests in controversial Thacker Pass mine
17:17 – The city of London introduces a cash for clunkers program
17:35 – XPeng gets conditional permission to fly the X2 eVTOL craft in CHina
17:53 – BMW recalls certain i4, iX models to rectify malfunctioning noise makers
18:10 – Nissan tells dealerships in the U.S. that supply of the Ariya SUV will be limited
18:25 – Ultraviolette shows off its track-ready F99
18:43 – All-electric Suzuki Jimny in the works
19:00 – Missouri considers a ban on forcing companies to install EV charging
19:17 – Kansas shows it can’t be outdone either..
19:38 – Ford commits to making simpler, smaller EVs
19:53 – Mazda US Boss says long-range EVs aren’t the future
20:09 – Scary security flaw discovered at EA charging station by The Kilowatts
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21:49 – A new study reveals why lithium metal solid-state batteries fail
22:44 – Chris and Julie Ramsay head out on Pole to Pole adventure next month!
23:41 – Thanks, and Goodbye!