Understanding the Honda Hybrid E-Drive

From WeberAuto.

See the cool E-Drive transmission used in the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, Insight Hybrid, and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid. Watch how this incredible transaxle functions in all three modes of operation.

– E-Drive and eCVT are training and marketing terms used on the Honda.com sales website and in Honda technical training to describe this system.
– Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) is an engineering term to describe this system.

– Mode 2, Engine Drive Mode. The internal combustion engine (ICE) will operate at its most efficient rpm for the torque required to propel the vehicle. The motor is forced to rotate by the countershaft. The motor can draw power from the battery to help the engine supply torque to the countershaft (parallel hybrid operation) or it can act as a generator to supply power to the battery. Engine-only mode can occur at speeds as low as ~70.8 km/h (~44 mph).

– Mode 3, E-CVT. At higher vehicle speeds, the overdrive clutch is disengaged. The generator provides power to the motor (series hybrid operation), to the battery, or to both depending upon the battery state of charge, motor load, and other factors.

0:00 Start
0:12 Introduction
0:25 Vehicle Usage
0:51 Three modes of operation
1:42 Mode One – Electric Vehicle (EV) Mode
1:56 Two Oil Pumps
2:14 Final Drive and Driven Gears
3:28 Final Drive gear ratio = 65/19 = 3.421:1 (CR-V 66/17 = 3.882:1)
4:21 Counter Shaft Gear
5:22 Motor Drive Gear and shaft
6:30 135kW Motor power and torque ratings
7:17 Motor shaft gear to countershaft gear ratio = 54/22 = 2.455:1
7:53 MUST SEE: Motor shaft gear to final drive gear ratio = 8.398:1 (CR-V 9.530:1)
9:30 MUST SEE: Regenerative braking gear operation
10:20 Mode 2 – Engine Only Mode
11:42 How the engine is connected to the countershaft
14:00 MUST SEE: Overdrive clutch pack demonstration
16:00 Overdrive gear to countershaft gear ratio = 54/67 = 0.8059:1
17:00 Overdrive gear to final drive gear ratio = 2.757:1 (CR-V 3.129:1)
18:18 Power Generation
18:38 Input shaft gear to generation drive gear ratio = 39/76 = 0.513:1
19:15 106kW Power generator rotor
20:35 Final Assembly of parts – Parking Gear and Pawl
22:04 Mode 3 – E-CVT Mode
22:40 MUST SEE: Series Hybrid operation
23:45 Wrap up

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