V8 Vs PHEV: New Land Rover Defender P525 and P400e full review

From The Late Brake Show.

This is a full versus review of the V8 (P525) and PHEV (P400e) versions of the new Land Rover Defender. The Defender was the new car that Covid robbed Jonny of several opportunities of driving – firstly in Namibia, then in several other locations – so he decided to compare the two highest performing versions against one another. The surprise here is that the £65k PHEV is almost as quick 0-62 as the 110 V8, and yet significantly cheaper.

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Tech Specs:

P400e PHEV (plug in hybrid)
Price: From £63,000
Engine: 2-litre turbo Ingenium engine (296bhp)
EV hybrid: 105kW motor with 19.2 KwH battery
Gearbox: ZF 8-speed automatic
Power: 398bhp / 472 lbft
Top speed: 119mph
0-62mph: 5.6 secs
EV range: 27 miles (WLTP)
Economy: 85.3mpg (claimed), 74g/km
Boot space: 853L (seats up)
Towing capacity: 3000kg
PHEV only available as 110, 5 or 6 seats (not 7) and not as commercial

Charging times
50kW CCS rapid charge = 30 mins (0-80%)
7kW wall box = 2 hours
3 pin plug = 7 hours

P525 (V8)
Price: From £98,585
Engine: 5.0-litre supercharged V8
Gearbox: ZF 8-speed automatic
Power: 518bhp / 461 lbft
Top speed: 149mph
0-62mph: 5.4 secs (110), 5.2 secs (90)
Economy: 19.5mpg (claimed), 327g/km
Boot space: 1075L (seats up)
Towing capacity: 3500kg
V8 available as 90 or 110, with 5, 6 or 7 seats). No commercial version available.

Defender 110
Length: 4758mm
Width: 1996mm
Wheelbase: 1967mm
Wading depth: 900mm

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Filmed and edited by: Matty Graham @ Pixel Click http://pixel-click.com
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant https://www.matttarantdesign.com

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0:00 Intro
1:18 E-only off-road capability
1:36 PHEV features
2:20 PHEV from £63k
2:33 PHEV driving modes
3:40 WLTP and E-only top speed
5:17 Eco data
6:00 Town driving EV only
7:06 Discovery 6?
8:00 Boot space
9:27 PHEV rival ranges
9:44 Charging stats
10:20 6 year warranty
11:00 Offroad capabilities
12:30 Steering feel
13:33 0-62 in the PHEV
14:20 In the V8
15:02 Paddle shift V8
15:28 Most powerful Defender yet
16:18 V8 brakes and wheels
18:24 Ride and handling
19:32 0-62 calculations
20:07 Under the V8 bonnet
21:32 V8 exhausts
22:25 Is V8 well engineered?
23:03 V8 cornering
23:43 V8 too quiet?
24:04 V8 0-62 launch
25:02 90 boot space
25:54 V8 cabin
27:03 Should V8 dash be more special?
27:22 Climbing into the back of a 90
28:26 Verdict

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