VinFast New York Auto Show | Demo, Drive, & Battery Simplified!

From Mach-E VLOG.

VinFast brought its VF 7, VF 8, and VF 9 electric vehicles to the New York International Auto Show. We got to take a look at all of these EVS. And with the VF 8, we took a test drive in it on the EV Test Track and we learned about the Smart Services being offered by VinFast. During the NYIAS, VinFast also announced more pricing details including information about their battery leasing program.

0:00 Intro
2:09 VF 9 Details
3:24 VF 8 Details
4:22 Interview
8:55 Smart Services Demo
13:24 ADAS Demo
16:46 Ride Along
20:07 Battery Leasing

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