Volkswagen ID.4: First Impressions from a Bolt EV Driver

From Plug and Play EV.

As we enter the final year of our second Chevy Bolt EV lease (first 2017, now a 2020), we’re considering what the wider EV market has to offer and the next electric car for our family of four. So we jumped at the chance to get into a rental Volkswagen ID.4 for a few days and see how it shapes up as a potential all-electric upgrade.

This video is the first of several covering our time with the VW ID.4, looking at our first impressions right after jumping in from the Bolt. We’ll have more on the subsequent road trip, cold weather fast charging performance and our final likes/dislikes after a few days with the car. If you want to skip the wait and jump straight to a review, check out the video we produced for here:

Does the VW #ID4 end up being one we’ll add to the shortlist of electric cars to replace our Bolt in 2022? We’ll let you know at the end!

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