Volkswagen Q3 2021 Earnings Call

From CleanTechnica.

VW’s Q3 2021 earnings call. Just as with our Tesla earnings call livestreams we show on screen the participants, their background information, the question(s) they asked and more. In this video we combine the call for journalists with the call for analysts.

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00:00 Call Starts
00:35 Herbet Diess opening remarks
13:13 Arno Antlitz opening remarks
24:00 Press Q&A
24:27 Catch up to Tesla?
28:24 Financial levers? China roadmap?
33:11 Cutting expenses? Do you need funding?
36:36 Did VW get hacked?
38:10 1 $1T market cap? Production levers?
43:05 2023 cost reductions?
43:54 Chip shortage fixed?
46:39 Volume brands operating loss? Trucks?
49:47 Issues other than chip shortage?
50:26 Cost reductions, do unions agree?
53:22 Herbert Diess vs. head of works council
54:48 LVL up to reach Tesla? Subsidiary IPO?
1:01:39 Analyst Q&A
1:01:47 Argo AI autonomy? VW software skills?
1:10:10 Catch up to Tesla? Planning priority?
1:16:19 Battery supply?
1:17:08 Why are finances the priority? Q4?
1:24:12 Q3 without shortages? China EVs? VW-Audi SUVs?
1:31:21 Subsidiary IPOs? Q3 price mix (ASP)?
1:34:42 China BEV pricing? Raw metal shortages?
1:37:37 VW AG priorities? Battery ramp? Gigacasting?
1:44:15 Free cashflow performance
1:46:43 End of year net cash position?
1:49:02 Tesla/Hertz vs VW MaaS?
1:50:30 Will we see more Tesla-like companies?
1:52:56 Strategic and structural pricing?