What is Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta v10.2

From CallasEV.

Overview of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Early Access Program. I address how much does Full Self-Driving (FSD) cost and how you can get into the program? We also take a ride with FSD version 10.2 through some neighborhoods and main roads. #FSD

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0:00 Intro
0:36 How to get FSD & price
1:19 How to get into FSD Beta Program
1:56 Tesla Vision
2:23 Beta v10.2 drive
2:38 Neighborhood driving
3:34 Roundabout
3:48 Left turn at traffic light
4:36 Slow down for pedestrian
4:51 Right at stop sign
5:26 4-Way Stop Right of Way
5:55 Red light intersection & lane merge
6:28 Red light intersection
7:10 Right turn at intersection
7:28 Approaching destination
7:51 First impressions
8:23 Uploading data