Wheel-E Podcast: The top electric bike stories of 2022

From Electrek.co.

This week on Electrek’s Wheel-E podcast, we discuss 2022’s most popular news stories from the world of electric bikes and other nontraditional electric vehicles. https://electrek.co/?p=274514

Here are a few of the articles that we will discuss during the podcast today:

Bolt Mobility abandoned electric bikes all over US cities. Here’s what’s happening to them

Ukraine is now using these 200-mile-range electric bikes with NLAW rockets to take out Russian tanks

Indian Motorcycle and Super73 release a fast e-bike that won’t need a motorcycle license

Fast, stealthy Babymaker II electric bike launched at ultra-low price, touts USA assembly in Detroit

Another US state adds electric bike subsidy, this time with up to $1,700 rebate

Harley-Davidson selling out its newest electric motorcycle in 18 minutes highlights pent-up demand

Exclusive: Ryvid Anthem unveiled as revolutionary new affordable electric motorcycle in the US

Last year I bought a $2,000 electric mini-pickup truck from China. Here’s how it’s holding up

Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: $8,000 electric boat with submarine capsule