Why the IDEAL Delivery Van is SMALLER Than You Think!

From Fully Charged Show.

E-commerce has transformed our cities. 1 in 10 people in the UK rely on a van for work, whilst worldwide, big logistics companies pay millions of dollars each year in parking vans. With heavy traffic and limited parking is it time for a much smaller and simpler solution?! Robert went to meet Musoshi, the company behind this cute, cheap and slightly bizarre three wheeler to find out!

00:00 Hello!
0:40 Introducing Musoshi
01:50 Three Wheels?!
03:00 Made by people who deliver stuff
03:30 Expectations have changed
04:00 The perfect size
05:00 The stats!
06:00 Many more Musoshis!
06:42 Robert takes it for a spin
07:34 It’s quite nippy!
08:35 Nice and basic
09:25 Already on the road around Europe!
10:13 Can we buy one?
10:32 Concluding thoughts

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