World’s FIRST Solar Powered Campervan!

From Fully Charged Show.

Stella Vita is the World’s first ever solar powered campervan capable of a staggering 600 Km on a single charge! Aptly described as a "self-sustaining house on wheels" it comes kitted out with a double bed, sofa, kitchen area, a shower, sink and toilet! This could just be the perfect way to go off-grid…! Robert went to meet the engineers at Eindhoven University of Technology to see it for himself.

0:00 A solar powered campervan?!
1:20 A 3000Km road trip
3:55 Better than the back of a Tesla
4:38 Back to Uni
6:40 600Km of range
7:12 Everything is lightweight
8:51 Experimental but comfortable
9:44 Key design elements
10:43 Built in this room
11:35 Robert makes his bid
12:02 Arriving in Tarifa
12:50 Can we buy one?
13:30 Bobby’s outro

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