WOW! Tesla Semi, Cybertruck Are Few of Several Cars To Feature a 1000-Volt Powertrain

From Torque News.

Some of you earlier today had asked about Tesla Semi’s voltage of the powertrain. Well, we are now learning that Tesla Semi is the first of several vehicles to feature a thousand-volt powertrain.

The Tesla Semi’s inaugural delivery event for PepsiCo featured a number of key announcements that are pertinent not only to the all-electric Class 8 truck but also to the company’s other vehicles. These include the Semi’s charging system, which will also be compatible with vehicles like the Cybertruck, as well as the vehicle’s immense power and efficiency.

Tesla Semi’s Power: 3x of any Diesel Truck
Efficiency: 500 miles on a single charge

“What’s awesome is both of those are enabled by Tesla’s new 1,000 Volt powertrain—Tesla Semi is the FIRST vehicle we’re doing with that… Don’t worry there’ll be more vehicles coming with that," said Elon Musk at Tesla Semi Delivery event.

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