Hello Friends,

Are you looking for quality YouTube videos about electric vehicles?? Me too! That is why I created EVsoup. Basically EVsoup follows various YouTube channels that primarily cover the topic of EV’s. EVsoup regularly checks for new videos and embeds them so that you can watch them here.

“Couldn’t you just… you know… use YouTube?”

Well, yes, and I often do. The problem with YouTube is how the algorithm funnels you into wasting your time on videos not worth watching. Sometimes it even tries to lead you down a disinformation rabbit hole. EVsoup is checking for new videos from high quality content creators who care about EV’s. When you visit EVsoup, you will see those videos listed with the newest videos first and no annoying notifications.

“So who is EVsoup targeted at?”

I made EVsoup for myself as well as other EV enthusiasts… but mainly for myself. If you like it, then great! I’m happy you like it too.

“Wait a second… What about copyrights? How can this be legal?”

EVsoup is absolutely 100% legal. Although constantly updating, YouTube’s terms of service are on generally on EVsoup’s side. No one is exploiting any “loopholes” or doing anything shady. YouTube content providers agree to those terms, and they have the option to prevent embedded videos from playing their content on sites other than YouTube. Everything is legit.

Got a request? It never hurts to ask!

EVsoup is always looking for channel suggestions! If you have a favorite YouTube channel that regularly presents decent content on the subject of electric vehicles, please leave a suggestion in one of the comment sections. The process to add a channel cannot be automated. It might take me a few days or even a couple weeks, but if it’s a halfway decent channel I’ll add it to the lineup.

Keep in mind that some channels cannot be added because they block embedding or use other tricks to thwart EVsoup’s feed parser.

“Hey, where did that video that used to be here go?”

EVsoup is not intended to be an archive and the older videos may occasionally be purged. While I am not going to do anything to stop anyone, I don’t recommend linking to the posts on EVsoup, because whenever I need to reset the site, anything older than the last 15 videos on a YouTuber’s channel will be gone. Instead, I recommend linking to the actual YouTube page.

So what’s the connection with mBlip?

EVsoup the sibling site of mBlip. The difference is that EVsoup is focused EV’s, while mBlip is more focused on generalized “edutainment”.

I also wanted to mention that just like mBlip, EVsoup.com never accepts donations, nor will EVsoup seek any revenue through advertising. Sponsorships placed in the videos and the video descriptions are those of the video makers and do not financially benefit or enrich EVsoup in any way. Visitor info will never be sold by EVsoup, and there is no interest in making money with this site or improving its search engine ranking. This site is a personal hobby, not a business.

EVsoup has been operating since October 18, 2021, and has complied with zero government requests for information.