Ep. 220: Tesla Model X Plaid

From Electric Norwegian. This is the updated more powerful trimotor Tesla with 1020hp and 1020nm, the updated seats are brilliant, and the new interior is also very nice, still not as quiet as it should have been, but a great improvement over the older cars.

Ep. 113: The VW ID Buzz

From Electric Norwegian. Thanks to Dahles Auto for lending me this car. It’s a 77kWh batteryvminivan based on the very effiscient ID platform, giving it good efficiency numbers. it comes as both cargo and 7/5 seater. it has a estimated wltp range of 430km. with the possibility of two way charging as well, so it…

Ep. 211: The Nissan Arya

From Electric Norwegian. This is the 63kWh Nissan Arya lent to me from Brennes Auto i Sarpsborg. It the latest EV from Nissan, starts at around 47.000€ with 320km of mixed range. It seems to be a very efficient car with plenty of room and a very quiet cabin.

Ep. 209: Honda E

From Electric Norwegian. This is the 2021 Honda E, the 2022 version doesn’t exists, but a 23 is on the way with minor changes. It has a 28.5kWh battery and does between 100-200km on a full charge, has a very tight turning circle, good sound system and well executed inboard digital mirrors that actually works,…

Ep. 208: Ford E-Transit

From Electric Norwegian. This is the Ford E transit, en electric conversion fee f the classic van. It’s rear wheel drive with a 67Kwh battery and around 120-150miles of range 200-250km), prices start from 55.000€ roughly Thanks Sulland.no for lending me the car

Ep. 180: MG Marvel R winter test

From Electric Norwegian. This is a big step up in quality and feel from last years entrant, here the interior are padded and clad in leather, its very quiet and comfortable and priced very competitive too. It handles what turned out to become a winter test very well and are stable and confidence on the…

Ep. 174: Super Soco TSX, an urban runabout

From Electric Norwegian. The Super Soco TSX was something I acquired few months back and intended to use just for urban driving, it has a 1.8kWh battery, and a range of around 30-50km depending on conditions. It is a very well balanced bike that is perfect for beginners, the lights are very good and the…